Budhya Mandir

Budhya Mandir is 55 kms from Bhopal towards North-East.

Sanchi, variously known as Kakanaya, Kakanava, Kakanadabota and Bota-Sriparvata in ancient times, has a singular distinction of having remarkable specimen of Buddhist art and architecture right from the early Mauryan period (c. third century BC to twelfth century AD). Sanchi is famous in the world for stupas, monolithic Asokan pillar, temples, monasteries and sculptural wealth.

Ganesh Mandir

Sidhha Ganesha Mandir is established in the village Gopalpur in the N-west direction, 3 km from the District Headquarters. As per legend, it dates back to Vikramaditya of Ujjain and renovated by BajiRao the Maratha Peshwa. Each Wednesday, large Nos of devotees gathered here to Visit and Worship. Ganesha Chaturthi festival is also popular here

Manuabhan Tekri

Manuabhan Tekri, Bhopal has a popular Jain temple called MANUA BHAN KI TEKRI (JAIN TEMPLE) where people can go either on foot or on rope-way. Manuabhan Tekri is also known as Mahaveer Giri. It is very popular for its scenic views.


Founded by the legendary Paramara king of Dhar Raja Bhoja (1010-53 A.D) has remains of its magnificent Shivatemple and cyclopean dam. Raja (King) Bhoja was, an engineer, a warrior, a great administrator and a man of formidable vision.

Kankali Mandir

It takes 26 minutes to travel from Bhopal to Kankali Mandir. Approximate driving distance between Bhopal and Kankali Mandir is 22 kms or 13.7 miles or 11.9 nautical miles . Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.

On the table above you can see driving distance in various units namely kilo metres, miles and nautical miles.


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