Birla Museum


The city "Bhopal" can vouch for its unrivalled appeal and houses a lot of museums and galleries of which Birla Museum, Bhopal truly deserves a visit. It has a lot of informative and interesting artifacts belonging to the historic era of Madhya Pradesh.

The rich culture and heritage and its various aspects get manifested in the Birla Museum in Bhopal which occupies a significant place among the monuments and museums in Bhopal. Stone sculptures, terracottas, manuscripts and paintings are displayed in this museum.

History of Birla Museum
The various objects that are exhibited in the museum date from the primitive period onwards. There are primitive tools and implements that were used during the Paleolithic and Neolithic period which are also on display. A marvelous scale model of the Bhimbetka rock shelter with its ancient murals is surely going to astound the onlookers with its divine appeal. The tourists interested in archaeology can also observe the stone sculptures that date from the 7th to 13th century collected from the various archaeological sites. Coins and manuscripts and Terracotta belonging to 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD are also exhibited.

Address: Vallabh Bhavan ,Arera Hills, Bhopal

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