DB City Mall


DB City Mall is a part of Bhaskar group and its ventures. It has three basements and three on-floor parking lots managed by Central Parking Services. It spans over 125,000 square metres (1,350,000 sq ft) in area. It is the largest shopping mall in central India.

DB City has been an important place for several promotional events in the recent years. Many Bollywood stars, namely Shahrukh Khan, who visited Bhopal have been here.

DB City Mall is responsible for the entrance of many international brands into Bhopal. As of May 2011, it had 12 anchor stores, a hypermarket and multiple stores, most of which are major fashion brands. It has a six-screen multiplex operated by Fun Cinemas, Located at Arera Hills, Zone-I, Maharana Pratap Nagar

Developed by Abhi NandaN.