Fish Aquarium


The fish shaped aquarium, situated near Raj Bhavan and old assembly hall, facing the Lower Lake, was established on 31st May, 1977. Covering an area of one hectare, the Machhli Char is a double storied structure houses 66 varieties of ornamental and fresh water fishes. The upper storey with forty glass aquariums has various types of living and colorful fishes like Tiger Barb, Black Moor ,blue, Rosy Barb, Shark, paradise Golden plata, Golden Gormi, King Zebra and King Kobra. In the lower portion, there are 26 big aquariums with a collection of fishes brought from the lakes, rivers and ponds from the different parts of the state such as Sawal, Padin, Rohu, Katla, Padin, Collet, Mirgal, Sawal ,Ticto, Bam fish and Pencil-Fira. 

Developed by Abhi NandaN.