Jumerati Gate


Jumerati is one of six gates built in the 18th century by Bhopal’s founder, Dost Mohammad Khan, and named after different days of the week; it’s the only one still standing. Syed Akhtar Husain, author of Royal Journey Of Bhopal, a photographic history of Madhya Pradesh’s capital, says the rest were demolished in 1950.

Jumerati, too, is frequently threatened with a similar fate. In 2010, then state urban development minister Babulal Gaur was quoted by The Hindu as saying, “These (Jumerati Gate, the Imperial Post and Telegraph Office) are not heritage buildings. They are weak and damaged structures that can crumble any time. They are dangerous and need to be demolished.”

Protests saved the day, with Gaur even being compared to the Taliban which had destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, recalls Narayan Vyas, a superintending archaeologist with the Archaeological Survey of India who has settled in Bhopal post retirement.

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