Kali Bari Mandir


The Kalibari at BHEL,Out of around 10,000 workers of the BHEL plant in Bhopal, there were 800 craftsmans and 200 supervisory staff who were Bengalis. 

As is unavoidable with the nearness of Bengalis, a Bangiya Sanskritik Parishad (BSP) was shaped in April 1960, with a library and perusing room offices at BHEL Bhopal. The Kali Puja, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja begun to be sorted out yearly. Around 1963, the administration affirmed allotment of land under the non-exchanging social orders represent religious purposes. A real estate parcel was designated in composing under the plan, close Piplani, to the Bangiya Sanskritik Parishad by the BHEL Management. In 1967 a Kalibari samiti (affiliation) was shaped.

Developed by Abhi NandaN.