Kolar Dam


Kolar dam is located on 35 kms south-west of Bhopal city. It is built on Kolar river which is a tributary river of Narmada river. This dam is constructed near Lawakhweri village in Sehore district. This dam is mainly constructed for the purpose of arranging water availability to Bhopal city and for irrigation purpose in surrounding areas. Height of Kolar dam is 45 meters and its water storage capacity is 265 MCM. Dam water is a raw water source for Kolar Water Treatment Plant (KTP) which is managed by Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) of Madhya Pradesh. This plant avails approx. 153 MLD treated water to Bhopal city which is 60% of total water supply to city. Its water treatment plant is largest and best among water treatment plants arranging water supply to Bhopal city. It shows the importance of this dam to Bhopal. Recently it is gaining popularity as a nature tourism spot. It is counted among tourist spots around Bhopal city. Tourists from Bhopal often visit Kolar dam and enjoy the natural beauty of this area. In coming time, it will become a popular tourist spot as tourism department is working in this side.

Kolar river arises from Vindhya mountain ranges in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. It is right-bank tributary river of main Narmada river. After origin, Kolar river flows in south-west direction and merges with holy Narmada river near Nasrullahganj in Raisen district. Its total drainage area is 1347 sq.km., covering two districts of Madhya Pradesh i.e. Sehore district and Raisen district. Kolar river basis lies at an elevation of 350 to 590 meters which is surrounded by tropical deciduous forest. Due to absence of any industrial unit in its route, water is relatively pure and utilized for water supply to Bhopal city through Kolar Water Treatment plant.

Kolar dam site is upcoming as a preferred tourist spot for visitors to Bhopal. Here most of the tourists arrival is from Bhopal city. It is becoming popular nature tourism and leisure tourism site near Bhopal city. In less than one hour drive from Bhopal city, one can reach this site. Here you can do boating, birding, nature photography and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department is planning to arrange some more tourist activities at this site to make it more attractive and tourist friendly.

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