National Telecom Museum


The different stages of Indian telecommunication were preserved in the National Telecom Museum of Bhopal. The Telecom Museum was opened for the public on 18th August 1996.It was set up by the Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle and the main initiative was taken by the then chief General Manager R. N. Goyal.It is located at Arera Telephone Exchange, Bhopal. National Telecom Museum is only one of its kinds in Asia. 

The museum has an excellent blend of modern and ancient telecom equipments of India and has captured the golden history of Indian Telecommunication. The museum houses, 1837's Highton's Telegraph Galvanometer, 1874's Baudot's Printing Machine, 1+1 Carrier system, Teleprinter Machine of Creed Model, Pre 1950's Carrier system, various type of call's protective device, D.C. Motor generator set, various components used in Magneto exchange up to Electronic exchange, Old historic document and bills, Payment sheets and performance record books dating books to British era of 1913 and 1917, Different type of old and New UIG cable models antique Round Bracket Post, Cordless system of 1878 and several other things. Many items can be seen even in working condition. It also possesses PCO booth of 19 century (made by the British), SOS telegram sent by commanders of East India Company during the revolution of 1857, Photograph of famous persons connected with the Telecom industry etc. 

Developed by Abhi NandaN.