Raisen Fort


Famous heritage sites near the Raisen is the glorious Raisen fort. The construction of the fort starts at 1200 AD. Up to the 15th century it was under rulers of various Hindu lines, including the Rajputs. In 1543 Sher Shah Suri captured it from Puranmal. Subsequently in 1760 Fiaz Mohammad Khan, the third Nawab of Bhopal, occupied it. The interesting thing about this place though is that there is a mosque and a temple built on the same complex. It is also believed that this place had schools. The main complex had many huge domes. Only two of them stand today though. You can hear bats inside if you stand at the door of these two rooms where the domes are intact. At the main area of the fort, all the rooms open into a common central pool. The place must have been something to look at 800 years ago. A most of the peoples visited this fort every year .the lush greenery around this temples is very panoramic. This temples looks very beautiful in the rainy season.

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