Regional Museum Of Natural History


The Museum deals with general aspects of natural history, depicts the flora, fauna and ecosystems of Region and promotes conservation and environmental awareness through its exhibit galleries and educational activities.

The value of a Regional Museum of Natural History in the Central Region of the country to highlight the flora and fauna and natural resources of the area, protection of ecosystems and the environmental awareness needs hardly any justification. It is encouraging that the State Government was keen to have such a facility developed at Bhopal for which the state offered the necessary land.

The RMNH at Bhopal would fulfill the following objects:

Develop exhibits depicting the flora fauna and geology of the region.
Depict ecological relationships among plants and animals including man, and emphasise the importance of conservation exhibits and educational activities.
Provide special exhibits and activities to enrich the school curriculum in Biology, particularly on environment aspects.
Develop appropriate educational programmes for children, adults and family groups to create environments awareness.
Publish popular educational material useful for environmental education.
Develop appropriate institutional material within the Region to promote environment education.

Developed by Abhi NandaN.