Regional Science Center


Regional Science Centre located on Banganga Road on the picturesque Shyamla Hills was established on 12th January 1995 by the then president of India, late Shankar Dayal Sharma. Spread over 5 acres of landscape with varieties of plants, trees and shrubs, the center is the only one of its kind in Madhya Pradesh. The center is one of the 27 constituent units of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) which is an autonomous scientific organization under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, engaged in popularizing Science and Technology amongst students in particular and the masses in general, through a wide range of activities and interactive programmes.

Basically a Science Museum, Regional Science center houses a planetarium and about 300 science exhibits related to mechanics, energy, sound, light, atmosphere etc. The museum in the regional science center consists of 3 galleries namely Fun Science Gallery, Atmosphere - The Umbrella Gallery and Energy Gallery. Fun Science gallery offers learning science through fun and some of the exhibits in the gallery includes plasma globe, jumping disk, frozen shadow, liquid painting, vibrating rings, gravity well, spinning eraser etc. Atmosphere gallery also known as Umbrella Gallery highlights the importance of atmosphere for the existence of life on the earth and making this planet unique in the Universe. The exhibits here gives an idea about the structure and variation of the atmosphere with height, the atmospheric pressure, the composition of air, the gas laws, the application of air pressure in our day to day lives, transformation and concept of air pressure etc. The Energy gallery highlights the importance of renewable sources of energy and offers the visitors knowledge about different forms of energy, their production, practical applications and environmental issues associated. Solar Car, Fusion Energy, Hydro Elctric Power, Nuclear Fission, Power Scenario, Tidal Energy, Power from sea are some among the exhibits in the energy gallery. 

Besides the three galleries, there is a Science Park on a lush green land of 3 acres, which contains about 70 numbers of interactive fun-filled working exhibits. Visitors can learn various scientific principles while playing with these exhibits. The exhibits here includes Roller Coaster , Echo Tube , Gear Train , Centrifugal Force, Wave Motion , Ellipse Tracing, Hydraulic Jack, Wind Mill etc. 

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