Shahpura Lake


Charming place to visit in the Bhopal is the famous Shahpura lake. Shahpura Lake is nice place. It is one of the manmade water bodies present in Bhopal. This place shows its glow at evening time. If you really want a relaxation time with forgetting all of your tension you must go to this lake site. Atmosphere at the evening time is really good also you can have a morning walk around this lake. This will surely energies your body. M.P tourism arena just opposite to this lake is welcomes every people where you can have seat and also create your own mini party it is also known as Manisha Lake. Manisha market situated just near this lake so it is called Manisha Lake. Rishabh udyan is developed besides this lake which is a family visiting place. Near Manisha Lake many bungalows are developed which makes it more beautiful & famous place of Bhopal.

The Shahpura Lake is situated beside a Manisha Market, which is why it assumes the name of Manisha Lake in the same manner. The lake makes for quite a popular outing for residents close by who live in the independent houses located on the adjacent road close to the lake. The lake is also a quite retreat from a long day of work and is not that small, which makes for a splendid view of the sunset through all seasons.

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