Van Vihar National Park


Van Vihar is National Park located adjacent to Upper Lake of Bhopal city at Madhya Pradesh in Central India. It is spread over an area of 4.43 sq. km. area and was declared as a National Park in year 1983. Although it is a declared National Park, but on visit you will find it more a Zoological Park. It has been developed and managed as a zoological park in which wild animals were caged in a their natural surrounding. It is a important part of Bhopal local sightseeing. 

This land is under strict protection, due to it has now transformed into an island full of greenery surrounded by habitation. Van Vihar serves as green lung for the capital town of Madhya Pradesh. It harbors herbivores like Chital, Sambar, and blue bull under free ranging condition and the animals like tiger, lion, leopard, hyena, crocodile and gharial under captive condition. The landscape of the area has led to the designing of enclosures in a fashion that serves the objective of fostering a positive man-animal relationship. Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has granted recognition to Van Vihar as medium size Zoo during q994. The adjoining upper lake adds immense beauty to the landscape of Van Vihar. The lake enlivens the park particularly when thousands of migratory birds land in the lake at the onset of winter.

Besides herbivores and captives, the national park is also home to animals belonging to endangered species. The wilderness of the park also makes an ideal place for avian fauna, which comprises over 200 species of birds migrating to the park during the winter season. This national park is also the abode of variety of butterflies and insects. Van Vihar National Park is maintained and administered by Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh.

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